Steps to Reduce Environmental Pollution

Our environment is deteriorating day by day due to negative human practices towards the environment. While glaciers are melting, sea levels are rising and wildlife eradicating gradually, it is time we took measures to prevent further pollution. So, here’s what we can do.


More passengers in each car, fewer cars on the street and smoother traffic! Do you know if your work colleagues live near you? Why don’t you carpool? Because in fact, five people in a car represent four fewer cars in front of you at rush hour. This would save your time, your health and that of the planet. In addition, you save by sharing fuel and you enjoy the company of your colleagues.

Taking the Train or Bus Can Be Convenient

Without the worry of driving, you can take advantage of the journey time to read a good book. It might sound a little uncomfortable but it’s worth a try. You will save gas; you will not have to look for a parking space or pay to park. In addition, you may avoid the risk of being robbed. Some cities, like São Paulo, Brazil, there are bus lanes that shorten the journey time. Many vehicles are air conditioned and have television on board. You can also take advantage of the trip to listen to music or podcasts through your headphones.

Prefer Products That Are Friendly to The Planet

Organic foods are healthy options and do not pollute the environment because they are produced without pesticides. Choose products without negative effects on the environment. Prefer organic products, without pesticides from a source that respects nature. Sustainable, economical and reusable packaging is also a good option. And of course, avoid plastic bags! They take too long to disappear.

Use Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is produced by non-exhaustible energy sources such as the sun, wind, biomass etc. These energies have almost zero emissions to the environment and hence are extremely environmentally friendly. Though the initial investment is high in 10kw solar system Brisbane, the long term benefits and savings are much higher than the cost.


Separating waste is simple for everyone, but it makes a big difference for the planet. Recycling is one of the simplest ways to save the planet. Separate your waste, and send it to recycling. If there is no curb side recycling in your neighbourhood, why not get along with a few neighbours and, once a week; designate someone to take them to a suitable location? There is certainly at least one collection point in your city that does this work.

Reduce Food Waste

It is better to serve twice than to throw food in the trash. Are you sure you eat everything you put on your plate? We often have eyes larger than the belly. And it doesn’t just happen to you: almost a third of food is wasted around the world. There is nothing we can do about losses during the production stages, but we are responsible for what we waste afterwards. Put only what you can eat on your plate (it is better to serve twice than leaving it on the plate).

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