One-Day Travel Ideas for the Tourist on a Budget

In this day and age, everybody is traveling and exploring the world. They express their lavish and glamorous lifestyles all over social media and make their lives look absolutely fabulous. However, it is common knowledge that traveling is not exactly cost friendly. But this should not mean that people who can’t afford to travel should be devoid of adventure in their lives. Adventure can be found in simple things of life and you don’t necessarily have to buy a plane ticket to go on an adventure. There are many one day trips and small cost friendly adventures that you can engage in. These are sometimes more enjoyable than the rather long journeys. Small day trips with family and friends are easy on the pocket and more fun as you can get to truly enjoy the trip instead of having jet lag or being exhausted in simply the journey. Here are a few one-day adventure ideas.



There are often small tours that you can go on just to sightsee. More often than not wine tours such as the yarra valley wine tour are the most popular day adventures. These are often exciting, cost friendly and don’t tire the participants too much, and of course – wine! Older people would prefer this to younger people as it involves less physical activity type adventure, that is, less climbing and jumping. This type of tour can be arranged rather quickly as well. That is, it will not require days and days of planning but can be easily done spontaneously. This type of adventure is good for a quiet day where the family can get together go out for lunch and on a nice wine tour.


This is another cost friendly day adventure. Gather up your family or your friends or even both your family and friends and make a list of all the wonderful places around your area that you haven’t seen. Make a route plan that either involves two or three sights or maybe one big one or arrange a day for this. Make sure to arrange appropriate transport depending on the number of people going on this trip. The best and most cost-friendly option would be to hire transportation such as a van where everyone pitches in. This idea is great for many reasons. One is the fact that the whole group of people will be together and two it is cheaper than having to travel there in your own vehicles when everyone is going to the same place. Some places will require you to have either a guide or a supervisor of some sort. Make sure before you set off on your journey to clarify that if such a person is needed you have ample time to arrange that. This way you won’t lose any time having to wait around and sort out the situation.

Road Trips

You can never go wrong with a good road trip. Some road trips are for days but the best ones are usually done in a day and done spontaneously. Grab a few of your close friends, fuel up your car and get on the road. Trust me, some of the best memories are made during these unexpected trips.

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